Contract lapping and contract measurement

Submikron: Contract lapping and contract measurement

Contract machining

Do you need a solution for a lapping or polishing process and do not want to perform this process in-house?

We will take care of it for you! Simply fill out the following request form telling us what parts are involved and what the goal of the machining is. Alternatively, you can contact us at 0671 796 14190 or An application engineer will work out the parameters of the process with you and prepare an attractive offer.

Contract measurement: Our brand-new measuring device of the Polytec brand

The TMS-500 TopMap Pro.Surf is a non-contact white light interferometer with a large field of view for fast and easy measurement of precision machined surfaces. With a large vertical measuring range, even low-lying surfaces and large step heights are characterised accurately and traceably. Flatness and parallelism tolerances of even macroscopic measuring objects can be checked quickly and with high repeatability.

Our brand new measuring device of the brand Polytec », with which we can easily achieve perfect measurement results for you.


  • Fast and precise 3D surface characterisation
  • Non-contact measuring principle and traceable measurement results
  • Smart Surface Scanning technology and filter wheel for almost all surfaces
  • Large measuring volume 200 x 200 x 70 mm³
  • Telecentric optics measures even low-lying areas
  • Safe specimen handling thanks to large working distance
  • Easy-to-use and automatable measurement and evaluation software
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