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Fine grinding wheels stand out due to high stock removal rates and endurance. They are price-efficient alternatives to diamond and CBN-grinding wheels for many materials. By using fine grinding wheels the blurring on soft areas of workpieces while lapping with loose grit can be prevented on several materials. In addition you can also prevent the often occuring „orange skin“ at the following polishing process.

A positive side effect is that you just have to add water for cooling in most cases on the fixed grit wheels made of silicon carbide and aluminium oxide. That is why there is no lapping mud, and cleaning the workpieces is much easier.

A widely spread application of the fine grinding wheels are the production of cutters, blades and scissors.

Silicon carbide wheel

  • available in grit F80-F1500 
  • possible grooves: ungrooved, radial groove
  • applicable with SiC conditioning ring

Aluminium oxide wheel

  • available in grit F80-F1500
  • possible grooves: ungrooved, radial groove
  • applicable with Al2O3 conditioning ring

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