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The actual “Tech-Light” of Submikron – the new generation of singlesided lapping machines, the II4 LAP-series. Not only is the design new, this machine also offers new possibilities, such as the implementation of industry 4.0 specifications in the field of fine grinding, lapping and polishing. Together with the highly efficient LPS (Lapping Plate Profiling System) plate conditioning system and the CP8 Allrounder combined polishing-lapping in one plate, Submikron provides a well-rounded and reliable system for the lapping process.


  • Innovative machine design
  • II4.0 integration of the machine into a production and process control system
  • Siemens S7 control with a 9-inch TFT widescreen display
  • Assemblies controlled by bus system
  • Recording and control of all important process parameters, such as speed, pressure, temperature, and stock removal
  • Integrated dosing for diamond suspensions and conventional lapping media
  • Lapping media and waste tank on two removable roll containers for easy handling
  • Central loading and unloading station for workpieces
  • Remote maintenance

Options when using LPS (Lapping Plate Profiling System)

  • Controlling and visualisation of the lapping plate flatness
  • Correction of the lapping plate by dressing on the machine
  • Spiral grooving of the lapping plate on the machine

Integrated dosing system of the I4 LAP

  • Number of dosing media: One dosing medium
  • Mixing: A lapping media pump with speed control and tank takes over the functions of stirring and conveying the lapping media. The speed control is necessary so that the abrasive in the lapping oil is not segregated.
  • Conveying: The circulation system prevents lapping medium from settling in the tubes, or clogging up the tubes. Tubes lines with a vent valve are located at the top of the dosing unit so that the tubes are emptied when the pump is turned off. 
    Distribution of the lapping medium with a three channel hose pump in three articulated hoses ensures that the same amount of lapping fluid is fed precisely before each processing station.
  • Advantage: Suitable for all lapping and polishing media, even low viscous liquids without stabilization. The built-in level sensor prevents dry running of the lapping plate.
  • Optional: The three articulated hoses can be equipped with spray nozzles to achieve homogeneous wetting of grooved lapping and polishing plates.

Machine overview

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