Submikron: Our Business ethics

Our Business ethics

Excellence & Dedication

We create individual processes for our customers with dedication and precision. Therefor we use our expertise and experience.

Significance & Development

Our employees work in a position that is meaningful to them and are given the space to develop their individual potential.

Authenticity & Visibility

We appear self-confident and authentic in the market. We stand by our word.

Integral value system

We live an appreciative corporate culture.

Leadership & Empathy

Our employees experience a clear and empathic leadership style that gives them room for personal responsibility and the freedom to make decisions.

Sustainable innovation & Success

We successfully develop and distribute sustainable products, services and processes.

Focus on growth

We realise our vision with perseverance & creativity and are prepared to take risks to do so.

Focus on customers & partners

We cooperate responsibly with our partners and use the synergies that arise.

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