Submikron – your competent system partner.

Die Bierther Submikron GmbH in Bretzenheim an der Nahe ist ein Maschinenbauunternehmen mit nationaler und internationaler Ausrichtung und hat sich seit 2007 ein hohes Maß an Material-, Prozess- und Branchenkompetenz erarbeitet.

Consistent new innovations have made Submikron a systems supplier for mechanical fine grinding, lapping and polishing.

Machines, working discs, and consumables are developed and manufactured in-house at Submikron. This allows Submikron to generate customised products in order to optimise processes and enable simply perfect surfaces to be produced.

Process development

As a system supplier, we don’t just offer products to our customers; rather, we also offer the necessary process development based on the previous processing step up to the required surface condition.

Customer request

Send us your request with details of the processing you require: roughness, flatness, technical or visual surface, etc.


We will discuss through the overall project with you and advise you on how to achieve your objective as economically as possible.

Sample processing

Based on the manufacturing concept that we drew up, we carry out sample processing so that you can convience yourselves from the result. While carrying out sample processing, we develop the optimal machining process.

Machine layout

The machine layout is based on the optimal machining process, quality, costs and the processing time.

Customer care and service

To guarantee the best possible process flow, we train your staff and our competent team is available to you at any time.

The 10 USP‘s of the Submikron system

  • In-house manufacturing of lapping- and composite plates and grinding wheels
    for customized process development and competent process support
  • In-house manufacturing of operating materials
    for a cost-effective production
  • Modular system
    for customized machine solutions
  • Plug & Run system
    to implement a modular system
  • Assemblies consist of European branded products
    for optimal process reliability

  • Vibration-free stainless steel welded structure
    for a long-lasting machine concept
  • Reinforced support wheel bearing
    for the highest possible utilisation of the pneumatic pressure weights
  • Driven yokes
    for increased reliability
  • Water-cooled lapping plate with centring screw
    for the setting of the wheel geometry
  • Base plate made from stainless steel with a drainage channel for lapping medium in conjunction with an easy-clean system to provide perfect care and cleaning of the machine

ECO LAP Smart Series

Unsere ECO LAP Smart Serie hat alles was Sie brauchen. Sie besticht durch ihr neues Design und ist mit ihrer integrierten Siemens LOGO! Steuerung, sowie der bereits eingebauten Läppmitteldosierung sofort einsatzbereit. Lassen Sie sich von unseren Fachexperten beraten.

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